April 13, 2009

Club Rules

ALL Drama Club members should be very clear about Club Rules and how we work. This blog is therefore, set for this purpose. Please take special note about all issues pertaining to Attendance, Communication, Punctuality and the Contact System (Phone Relay).

All the Rules below are the expectations and requirements that a Drama Club member should meet.


- Attendance is to be taken seriously at ALL times. Drama Club members must fulfill at least 75% of the year’s attendance.

- ALL members must be physically present for all and/or at least half of the day’s session to qualify for an attendance unless otherwise informed by the Instructor/Teacher-in-Charge/Committee.

- ALL absenteeism cases are to be accounted for with a medical certificate.

- Committee members/ Teacher-in-Charge is to be informed beforehand of any issues pertaining to late coming or absence for any session.

* Members with irregular attendance will be taken out from the production cast (if involved). The same applies to repeated offenders of late coming.


- Members who are late/absent/cannot attend a Drama session for any reason is to inform their respective Level-in-Charge/ Teacher-in-Charge

- Relaying of urgent messages / information shall be done through text messaging. Members are to acknowledge the message upon receiving.

- At times, announcements/updates of any Drama-related admin matters will not be conveyed through messaging. Members are to visit the Drama blog at:
http://www.amkssdrama.blogspot.com/ to get the info themselves

Late-Coming System:

3.30- 3.35:
5 minutes grace time given. Members who come inany time within this period will not be counted as late.

After grace time:
Any member who is not present for session after the 5 minutes grace will be late.
Eg: Arrival time: 9.06 (6 minutes late), 9.10 (10 minutes late)
Punishments will be given accordingly to the timethat one reports late

6-9 minutes late: 10 push-ups
10 to 30 minutes late: Cleaning of Dream Studio after session
1 hour or more late: No attendance given unless a valid reason is given

* Repeated offenders of latecoming will also be taken out of any Production cast.
* No one shall be exempted from the above punishments

Do hope that with these Rules in place, Drama Club can function more smoothly and efficiently. Thanks.

~ Drama Committee

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